Understanding Grief and Traumatic Grief

June 7, 2024 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
400 N. Erie Blvd. Hamilton, OH 45011

Unfortunately, time may not heal all wounds we encounter in life. Whether it is brand new, or decades old, traumatic grief can have devastating effects on our emotional state, relationships, sense of self, social functioning, and other aspects of daily life.

This workshop will provide education and insight into traumatic grief and loss, information regarding PTSD and the effects of complex trauma, as well as helping families and children manage grief. This workshop deals with topics that are emotionally challenging and opportunities for self-care and self-compassion will be available. Trainer: Kristen Santel. Approved for 2.75 SW and Counselor CEUs.

1. Participants will develop a working theoretical knowledge of grief, traumatic grief
and complicated grief in children, teens, adults, and family systems.
2. Participants will develop theoretical knowledge working with grief and loss, as
well as physiological and psychological effects on children, teens and family
3. Participants will be able to demonstrate effective interventions to use with
children, teens and family systems suffering with grief, complicated grief, and
traumatic grief.

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