early intervention

Early Intervention (EI) provides coordinated services to parents of infants and toddlers with disabilities or developmental delays in Ohio. The Butler County Family and Children First Council contracts with the Butler County Educational Service Center to provide Early Intervention Services for eligible children under the age of three. Every family served in EI will have a team that consists of a service coordinator and service providers. With your help, the team will build a plan for your family and provide in-home services. Learn more here.

Do You Have Concerns About Your Child’s Development?

You can make a referral to Early Intervention by calling 513-434-3322 or 513-785-6850. You may also submit a referral any time before your child turns three years old by visiting www.ohioearlyintervention.org. All families who have a concern about their child’s development are eligible for a free developmental screening or evaluation. If your child does have a delay, a Service Coordinator will help you find the services that best meet the needs of your family.