community wraparound

Meeting needs using the power of families and communities

Some families and youth or young adults are looking for help, but they struggle with finding and using the different supports available to them. Wraparound assists youth and families with complex needs to develop a team of support and organize the help that is needed. Wraparound is a planning process that follows a series of steps so that the youth or young adult and their family realize their hopes for a better life. With the help of a Wraparound facilitator, people who care about their long term success utilize the family’s unique strengths along with team and community strengths, to problem-solve and plan in order to wraparound targeted help to address the greatest needs of the family.

Who Would Use the Wraparound Process?

Some circumstances in which families have benefited from the Wraparound process:

    • Families whose youth have had psychiatric hospitalizations and are wanting more supports so their youth can maintain stability at home and in the community
    • Families struggling to keep everyone in their home safe
    • Families at risk of involvement with Children Services and are looking for help to keep their family together
    • Young adults who want help transitioning to independence and addressing their varied needs
    • Families involved with Juvenile Justice who would like to create a plan to avoid future contacts or detention stays with Juvenile Court
    • Youth with significant medical needs or developmental delays who would benefit from additional planning and care coordination

Not sure if Community Wraparound is right for you or your family? Call our team at 513-785-5183 to find out. A referral packet needs to be completed for the youth or young adults ages 0-24. If you have questions or to request a packet be mailed or emailed to you, call 513-785-5183 or email your request to Referral packets are also available for download HERE.

Once a referral is received, we will contact the parent or young adult and help them decide if Wraparound is the right fit or if referrals to other programs are more suitable. If they decide to proceed with Wraparound, a facilitator is assigned to each family to guide them through the process. There is generally no wait to be assigned a facilitator. The facilitator will schedule a time with the family to get to know them and learn about their needs, what has worked for them in the past, and their family’s values and preferences. Together, the family and the facilitator will determine who should initially be on the team. Teams consist of informal supports such as friends, family, neighbors, church members and formal supports such as therapists, teachers, case managers and other professionals. The facilitator will call meetings as often as necessary to plan around the needs the team is focusing on and to assist in whatever ways the family feels would be helpful. Together, all team members work together to improve, strengthen, and stabilize family functioning and youth well-being.

Butler County Community Wraparound is available to all Butler County families regardless of income. Local funding is provided by the following agencies: Job and Family Services, the Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Services Board and Board of Developmental Disabilities. There is no cost to you for Community Wraparound Facilitation. 

Every family involved in the Wraparound process is offered the support of a Parent Partner: a parent or caregiver of one or more youth with complex needs. Parent Partners have lived experience and professional peer support training, uniquely positioning them to offer support to other parents. Parent Partners may offer support in meetings, be a listening ear, connect families to resources in the area, and generally guide parents to get the most out of the Wraparound process.


In addition, Wraparound offers the support of Youth Peer Partners. These are young adults who were involved with one or more of the youth-serving systems when they were younger and want to help other young people. Using their life experience and knowledge, their role is to be a supportive presence in meetings, meet one-on-one with the youth, and empower the youth to use their voice throughout the Wraparound process.


For more information about Parent Partners and Youth Peer Partners - or to become a Parent Partner or Youth Peer Partner please call the Peer Support Coordinator at 513-887-4303.

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"I cannot even put into words how much Wraparound helped and transformed our lives. Hannah has been such an advocate and went above and beyond to help our family-checking in and available for whatever I need. Lynda has been amazing when it comes to empowering me to work with the school and know my rights. She has been at meetings and worked with me on how to navigate situations in a nonemotional way. Beth made an instant connection with my son (which can be very difficult at times). He does not connect well and she made him feel accepted and comfortable-he was actually excited to hang out with her. Presley Ridge was so helpful and decreased a lot of the aggressiveness that my son had been displaying. Wraparound offered connections to activities and sent my son to camp. We are forever in debt to this agency as they have transformed our family. We know that we always have support to go to and know they will help with whatever needs we may have. I so appreciate you and all your help you have been a light in a life!"