The Butler County Family & Children First Council exists under the Ohio Revised Code for the purpose of improving the well-being of families and children. As a collaborative of public and private child and family-serving systems, entities, and families, the Council supports initiatives that increase the likelihood that children can grow up safe and healthy, surrounded by support of their families and communities.


The mission of the Butler County Family & children First Council is to serve as a catalyst for public and private partners to achieve the vision of improved well-being for families and children in Butler County.



We believe the whole community (families, children, and individuals, public and private institutions, law enforcement, and faith communities) is important in sharing responsibility for building capacity of families and youth to achieve success.


  • We value organizations’ committed best effort for children and families in Butler County, measured by the sharing of resources though collaboration and cooperation to produce desired outcomes.
  • We value open and honest communication among public and private institutions, law enforcement, faith communities, and families.
  • We believe the role of FCFC is to provide leadership, planning, funding, facilitating, and where appropriate direction, for services to communities, families, and children.
  • We believe service agencies determine effectiveness by measuring both client satisfaction and agency performance outcomes.
  • We value services, which promote and develop healthier families and children by building community, family, and individual assets.
  • We value core social institutions and their roles of developing capable, mature, and responsible youth.
  • We value prevention as the most effective approach both in terms of its impact on the lives of youth, as well as the best use of community resources.
  • We value immediate and effective interventions for those youth demonstrating problem behavior.
  • We value identification and control of the small group of serious, violent, and chronic juvenile offenders.