Growing Up In A Hyper Digital Age: Helping Youth Navigate Technology Benefits and Challenges

Thursday, September 29, 2022
12:30 PM to 3:45 PM 
at the
Butler County Educational Service Center
400 N. Erie Blvd. Ste. A
Hamilton, OH 45011

Join us for this impactful presentation that will leave attendees with practical strategies to use and advise parents/youth in this hyper digital age. This training will educate those who provide youth related services on the dangers that children face every day in their online life. Participants will receive a digital handbook and access to tools that assist providers in staying up to date on the latest apps kids are using, the trends with teens and technology, current events involving kids and technology, as well as parenting issues as it relates to raising kids in the digital age.

Objectives to be covered during the workshop:
1. Social media- what it is, what advantages and positives it provides teens, pitfalls of using social media and current trends.
2. Online predators – how predators connect with youth online
3. Create an escape or exit plan between the youth and parent if the youth encounters problems online – helping the youth make a safe decision vs. a decision to stay out of trouble with parents
4. Cyber bullying – being a bystander as well as an upstander, with several examples of how they can identify the situation and support a victim of online bullying
5. Over exposure – the permanency of online posts, the implications of inappropriate posts, and creating a positive digital footprint
6. Substance abuse and the social media
7. Easy and quick safety settings
8. Sexting- what it is, consequences to it, possible solutions for groups of youth to prevent the actions before they receive the sext
9. Online gaming- what are the dangers and suggestions to implement in the home to increase safety

Target Audience: youth-serving professionals, administrators, teachers, social workers, and more.

Cost: Free! (Priority will be given to partner agencies in Butler County). 


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