Enhancing Racial Awareness

The Butler Co. Partnership to Reduce Infant Mortality is pleased to host a 5 week in-depth training series on racial awareness. This is a deeper dive series for those who have already begun this work in their personal/professional lives. Learn strategies to dialogue, mitigate bias, and help dismantle structural injustice. Topics include:

  • 11/3/21 – Inclusive Leadership: Building on inclusive leadership skills is paramount in managing and supervising diverse staff. Effective inclusive leadership requires self-awareness, ability to separate individuals from stereotypes, attentive listening, and capacity to view differences as assets. Participants will utilize a case study to practice inclusive leadership and supervision skills. 
  • 11/10/21- Socio-structural Determinants of Health: Attendees will discuss the importance of moving beyond the social determinants of health, how to become structurally competent, and the next steps to eradicate racial hierarchies. 
  • 11/17/21 – Fat antagonism I: Roots, socialization, and thin privilege- As we learn to respect diverse bodies, it is important to recognize that fatness is a facet of body diversity.  Although, fat antagonism impacts us all. It has historically and contemporarily disproportionately impacted Black women. Fat shaming will be discussed in the context of women’s bodies, especially the bodies of Black women and the impacts on client care in diverse settings.  
  • 12/1/21 –Black History II: The story of Ida B Wells challenges established narratives and provides and opportunity to recognize the unique contribution of Black women in advocating and fighting for Black lives. Her story serves as an example of how each of us can choose an area of impact that utilizes our unique talents, life experiences, and passion to push for racial (health) equity.
  • 12/8/21 – Deconstructing Professionalism: Deconstruct the idea of professionalism to include a range of identities in leadership and staff. Professionalism is a social construction that may exclude certain individuals based on their gender, language, body type, race, sexuality, ability-status, nationality, religion, and class. Demands to comply with workplace culture as well as visual and social hierarchies based on gendered, racial, and Christian standards may implicitly and structurally disadvantage individuals from hiring and promotion.
Your Trainers: Avant Consulting Group

Wednesdays- 11/3/21, 11/10/21, 11/17/21, 12/1/21 and 12/8/21

All session will be held virtually on the Zoom platform from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm. 

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